Learn To Play Golf

For Women

Canberra's Only Swing Fit Golf Learning Centre!

Murrumbidgee Country Club is pleased to Introduce golf to women in a friendly natural environment.

Hosted by PGA Golf professional Max Miller.

"The Grass is Greener on the South Side"


and Learn Golf in a friendly natural atmosphere by combining fitness and golf in one spot.

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   What is Swing Fit?

  Swing fit is the fun, healthy and a social way for women to learn and develop golf skills. The main goal of swing fit is to enjoy yourself when learning golf in a relaxed atmosphere. Your swing and putting will improve each week through a range of golf activities and games, as well as Golf-specific exercises and movements will help with flexibility and conditioning and compliment your learning. You'll work in pairs, receive constant support and be surrounded by like-minded people

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Throughout the Swing Fit Program you will learn the various aspects of the game, as well as doing some light conditioning work. Each week will consist of learning a different golf specific skill, from the basics of the setup, to hitting the ball in the air, aiming and the basics of the short game. We will also be incorporating playing into the schedule, as well as time for socialisation and getting to know how the golf club operates.

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Learn golf with like minded people.

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Golf is a healthy and Fun Activity.

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Golfing friends for ever.


We are delighted to offer you a complete learning package that first starts on the lesson tee and then transitions to the golf course in a structured format so you can take what you've learnt to the golf course.


Includes the 6 week program.


3 Month Special Membership

What will I learn from Swing Fit?

Swing Fit will give you the basic skills, knowledge and confidence to get you started in golf

It gives you an opportunity to meet other beginners to enjoy golf with and gets you familiar with a golf club/venue environment

The basics of the golf swing and how to putt over a six week program, whilst also getting your whole body moving through golf-specific conditioning and movement exercises.

Do I need to know anything about golf?

No. The best thing about Swing Fit is that you do not have to be good at golf to get involved, or have even picked up a club before. You don’t need any golf knowledge or equipment; simply turn up in comfy clothing and get started. 

Do I have to be fit?

No. A Swing Fit program will, however, increase your range of movement and flexibility, improve upper, mid and lower body conditioning, and provide a low intensity cardiovascular outdoor activity.

The program has been designed so you can physically push yourself as much or as little as you please. 

How many people attend each session?

Each Swing Fit program has between 6-10 participants. We have found this provides the best environment for participants to learn and have fun, and for the deliverer to manage the group effectively.

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothing and covered shoes such as trainers or casual joggers

Your choice of clothes may include leggings, casual pants or shorts, a t-shirt and/or a jumper

What equipment do I need?

Nothing! You will be provided all equipment once you arrive at your session. You may like to take a drink bottle and sunscreen.

Can girls take part in a Swing Fit Program?

Swing Fit has been developed for women aged 18 years and over, however there is no reason why teenagers cannot attend a Swing Fit Program if they are keen to do so.

Your Golf professional

Max Miller, has been a member of the Murrumbidgee Pro Shop team for over 6 years. Over that time, he has taught and played golf at a professional level, as well as pursuing interests outside of golf. Growing up with a passion for sports.

Max has now moved his focus from team sports to golf and fitness, with an interest in Pilates and weight training.

As a fully qualified PGA member Max provide the highest level of coaching in golf available and can help with all aspects of helping you improve your game, from coaching to club fitting and any advice you may need to enjoy your round more. 

Having provided many lessons to beginning golfers Max has experience in how to help  you best enjoy your golf. 

Some common traits he has seen include:• improper equipment that can lead to poor swing habits• lack of understanding fundamental swing techniques • Physical restrictions that may affect the ways in which we can swing the club 

The Swing Fit program has been developed to help Women start their golfing journey the right way,  so you can start enjoying your golf straight away.

Max and the team at Murrumbidgee Country Club can help you get the started so book your swing fit sessions. 

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